Bath Salts, Lavender

$ 18.00

These Dead Sea salts have been scented with therapeutic grade lavender essential oil and are a wonderful addition to your relaxing bath time routine. They help soothe the body and the aromatic essential oils help calm the mind. We use only the highest quality salts and essential oils available. 

Salt from the Dead Sea is known for it's superior quality and for its extremely high mineral content. Dead Sea salt has been renowned since ancient times for it's healing properties. They contain as many as 10 times the essential minerals that other salts contain and will help detoxify and soothe your body. Lavender essential oil has been added for aroma and relaxation.

Directions: Simply toss a handful of salts into running bath water and let them dissolve...enjoy.

You will receive approximately 16 ounces packaged in a resealable rice bag.

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