Bath Salt Oat Soak, Unscented

$ 18.00

Our Dead Seal salt oat soak combines finely ground Dead Sea salt with organic colloidal oats. Salt from the Dead Sea is known for it's superior quality and for its extremely high mineral content. Dead Sea salt has been renowned since ancient times for it's healing properties. They contain as many as 10 times the essential minerals that other salts contain and will help detoxify and soothe your body. Organic colloidal oats have been added to sooth dry, irritated skin. Colloidal oat baths are great for relieving the itch associated with eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox and bug bites. This version of our oat soak was left unscented, specifically for those with very sensitive skin. This also allows you to add your own essential oils to your bath if you so choose. Great for dry, sensitive skin!

Directions: Simply toss a handful of salts/oats into running bath water and let the salt dissolve and oats disperse...enjoy.

You will receive 13 ounces of bath soak in a resealable rice paper bag, as shown in the picture.

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